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InterContinental® Hotels and Resorts Partners with Penfolds

New Partnership Offers Guests the Chance to Explore their Wine Palettes

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) announced a new partnership with global wine company, Treasury Wine Estates, to offer a premium selection of wine from award-winning Australian marque Penfolds at more than 65 InterContinental hotels and resorts across Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA), October 22, 2014

The collaboration will bring a great new selection of fine wines to hotel dinner tables and bars, enhancing dining experiences across the region. InterContinental guests also can expect exciting new programmes and events specially tailored for the wine connoisseur in them, including exclusive wine flights, access to rare and limited wines and a bespoke wine list to match every dining occasion in each hotel.

Phil Broad, Vice President Food & Beverage, IHG, AMEA said: “For many guests a well-paired glass of wine, thoughtfully selected for your meal, is just as important as the presentation and taste of the food we’re serving. It’s an important part of the overall dining experience."

"This partnership with Penfolds, an iconic wine brand, opens up a menu full of new options for our diners to choose from, as well as exclusive offers and events to truly explore their wine palette. The training that the Treasury Wine Estates team will undertake with our team will really make the difference to ensuring our guests can enjoy the very best vintages and blends that we have on offer," Phil added.

Hotel teams at InterContinental hotels and resorts across the region will undergo training by Treasury Wine Estates to provide curated wine lists specifically tailored for each restaurant, bar and lounge in the property. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts will also have access to the entire portfolio of Penfolds wines including exclusive selections available in limited quantity.

In addition, exclusive benefits such as invitations to member only events will be open to IHG® Rewards Club members.

Andrew O'Brien, General Manager of South East Asia, Japan, Korea and India of Treasury Wine Estates, commented: “This new partnership provides an extensive platform to offer an exclusive selection of popular Penfolds wines to travellers and wine aficionados on the road. We look forward to working with the IHG Team to develop bespoke wine pairings for each hotel property to give guests an unforgettable dining experience with Penfolds wines.”

For 170 years, Penfolds has cultivated a reputation on winemaking excellence achieved through a unique alchemy of distinguished vineyards and viticultural caretakers, exceptional winemaking resources and a rich history of outstanding winemakers. Penfolds collection of benchmark wines were established in a spirit of innovation and the constant and endless pursuit of quality, evidenced from the secret bottlings of Grange in 1951 and the unbroken line of vintages of what is now Australia’s most iconic wine.

IHG is one of the largest restaurant and bar operators in the Asia, Middle East and Africa region with more than 800 restaurants and bars across 38 countries, and another 200 restaurants and bars to be unveiled as IHG opens the 137 hotels in their pipeline. IHG’s team of food and beverage experts are working on a number of new programmes to improve and enhance guests’ culinary experiences across the company’s portfolio of more than 240 hotels in the region.

There are currently 68 InterContinental hotels and resorts across AMEA, with another 21 due to open in the next three to five years. Guests can explore exciting dining options at InterContinental hotels & resorts around the world at and find out more about IHG® Rewards Club, the world’s largest hotel loyalty programme, at

About Penfolds: ‘1844 To Evermore!’… It was the slogan to launch a winemaking legacy. Through a union of passion, commitment, courage and patience, this winemaking legacy flourishes throughout the world today. For 170 years, Penfolds has cultivated a reputation on winemaking excellence; achieved through a unique alchemy of distinguished vineyards and viticultural caretakers, exceptional winemaking resources and a rich history of outstanding winemakers.

These master craftsmen and women have served as silent custodians of the Penfolds stable, an Australian tradition steeped in wine lore and the spirit of generosity. As well as honouring traditional winemaking values, Penfolds cultivates a spirit of experimentation and innovation, as evidenced from secret ‘bottlings’ such as Grange in 1951. Through the passing of time such innovations have become the great traditions for new generations. Today, 170 years from its initial declaration, Penfolds winemaking legacy continues and the house remains one of Australia’s most revered … now and ‘evermore’.


1844 To Evermore!
Penfolds is one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic wineries, with a history and heritage that reflects the country’s journey from colonial settlement to the modern era. Penfolds has played a pivotal role in the evolution of winemaking in Australia – and across the world.

The Colonial Period  (1844 – 1899)
Penfolds was founded in 1844 by Dr Christopher Rawson and Mary Penfold. English immigrants, they arrived in Adelaide only eight years after it was founded as South Australia’s capital. After purchasing the ‘delightfully situated and truly valuable estate’ at Magill on the slopes of the Adelaide Hills, they planted a vineyard and established a medical surgery in the newly built stone cottage ‘The Grange’. Already wine was considered by colonial practitioners as a healthy drink. Penfolds tonic wines became so popular that a thriving wine business was soon established.

By 1881 Penfolds was producing one third of South Australia’s wine production. During the turn-of-thecentury Penfolds wines reached some of the furthest corners of the British Empire. It became Australia’s largest producer of fortified wines by the time of Australia’s Federation in 1901.

Although Dr Christopher Penfold is recorded as the founder of Penfolds, he was busy building a medical practice and prescribing Penfolds wine as tonics to his patients. It was predominantly his wife Mary who managed the vineyard, made the wine and established a thriving wine business. She was one of Australia’s first and most successful business women.

The memory of Dr Christopher and Mary Penfold is immortalised in the Penfolds name. The remnants of the Grange vineyard at Magill Estate still stand, centred on the historic Grange Cottage, with superb sweeping views across the modern city of Adelaide, South Australia.

The Empire Period (1900–1945)
During the empire period, Penfolds expanded its vineyards and became a household name across Australia. It exported table and fortified wines to the British Empire and its outposts.

Max Schubert – a then young inquisitive winemaker – travelled to Europe after World War II to investigate winemaking where he dreamed of making wines that would capture the imagination of wine drinkers the world over. The mission was to learn about sherry production but a side trip to Bordeaux led to the extraordinary development of Penfolds Grange and the commercialisation of dry red table wines.

The Dynastic Period (1945–1989)
The birth of Grange in 1951 lead to a remarkable collection of wines that bought Penfolds worldwide recognition for their signature style, consistency and longevity. By the early 1960s Schubert oversaw the creation of ‘a dynasty of wines which may differ in character from year to year, but all bear an unmistakable resemblance and relationship to each other’. Bin 128, Bin 389 and Bin 707 and St Henri were all commercialised during this period. This signature method of winemaking, developed and refined over decades, is known as the ‘Penfolds House Style’ and is still practiced today. Under the successive chief winemakers, Don Ditter, John Duval and Peter Gago, the Penfolds collection of wines has remained true to the original blueprint.

The Modern Era (1990S – Today)
During the 1990s an unprecedented number of new styles were introduced to the Penfolds collection. This was also a period of intense winemaking trials and commercial opportunity. The ‘white Grange’ project spawned the creation of Bin 144 Yattarna Chardonnay in 1995 (released in 1998). Wine trials, including the ‘experimental/homage’ Special Bin releases of 1990 Bin 90A, 1990 Bin 920 and 1996 Block 42, also led to the launch of RWT Shiraz, an ultra-fine Penfolds Barossa Shiraz, matured in French oak.

During the 1990s, Penfolds introduced the Re-corking Clinics, a unique and revolutionary after-sales service, where wine collectors can have their aged wines – particularly Grange – assessed, re-corked, topped up and re-capsuled. Today, more than 120,000 bottles have been ‘cliniced and certified’ throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Penfolds also celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Grange in 2001 and in a remarkable gesture, the National Trust of South Australia, listed Grange as a Heritage icon.

The 2000s saw an expansion and consolidation of the Penfolds wine portfolio, to meet the needs and interests of a global premium wine brand. The range today reflects Max Schubert’s ambitions of a dynasty of wine without compromise.

Penfolds received a long line of awards and accolades during the 2000s. In 2005 the US Wine Enthusiast magazine named Peter Gago its ‘Winemaker of the Year’ and in the same year Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine, led by Grange, recognised the history and popularity of the company’s core range of fine wines.

In more recent times 2008 Grange received a perfect score of 100 points by two of the world’s most influential wine publications, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator magazine. In 2011 Penfolds Reserve Bin 09A Chardonnay won the International Wine Challenge Champion White Wine award. In 2013 the prestigious Wine and Spirits magazine included Penfolds as a ‘top winery of the year’, for the twenty-third consecutive year - more than any other winery in the world.

Continuing a tradition of innovation and experimentation, in 2012, Penfolds launched its highly ambitious ‘Ampoule Project’, a limited-release offering of twelve hand-blown glass ampoules, containing the celebrated 2004 Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon. The Ampoules attracted worldwide attention and a little controversy. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary winemaking for the sake of improvement is a longstanding Penfolds tradition. Penfolds enjoys a unique Australian heritage; its wines evoke an ageless generosity of spirit, craftsmanship and the beauty of the Australian landscape.

As Chief Winemaker Peter Gago says; ‘the wine always come first’. It is this enduring principle and generosity of spirit, handed down by generations of winemakers, in the vineyards, the wineries and the markets, that gives Penfolds wines a unique and timeless quality.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Virgin Breeze @ Grand Whiz

Grand Whiz Kelapa Gading merupakan hotel bintang empat berada di Jakarta Utara, menyambut bulan November 2014 menghadirkan promo minuman dingin spesial. Terciptalah mocktail of the month “Virgin Breeze”, yaitu minuman dingin kombinasi terbuat dari peach syrup, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, dan lychee fruits dengan harga Rp 45.000 ++/gelas. Kemudian turut mendinginkan di bulan ini hadir juga cocktail of the month “Super Green”, yaitu minuman dingin kombinasi dari green apple fruits, kiwi syrup, triple sec, dan bacardi rum dibandrol Rp 145.000++/gelas.

Minuman spesial ini dapat melengkapi dan menemani Anda di waktu santai ketika bersama teman ataupun kerabat, diracik dan disajikan langsung oleh bartender dan bartendress yang berada di Ruby Lounge.

Nikmati promo-promo spesial lainnya di hotel ini yang berlokasi di jantung kota Jakarta Utara yang sangat strategis, karena dekat dengan rumah sakit international, pusat perbelanjaan, kawasan industri, Mall of Indonesia (MOI) dan Mall Arta Gading (MAG). Sangat tepat untuk para pebisnis dan keluarga yang ingin berakhir pekan untuk wisata belanja, karena kawasan Kelapa Gading telah ditetapkan oleh Pemerintah Jakarta sebagai salah satu destinasi wisata kuliner di Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta.

Ruby Lounge
Intiwhiz Hospitality Management adalah jaringan hotel manajemen sejak 2010 yang merupakan salah satu anak perusahaan PT Intiland Development Tbk bergerak di bidang hospitality dan bisnis perhotelan dengan visi untuk menjadi jaringan hotel yang paling diminati dan bertumbuh pesat di Indonesia yang didukung dengan sistem pemasaran, reservasi dan operasional kepada seluruh Grand Whiz Hotel dan Whiz Hotel.

Intiwhiz Hospitality Management mempunyai dua merek, Grand Whiz untuk brand hotel berkategori bintang 4 yang mengedepankan kemewahan modern dengan ruang bernuansa alam yang memiliki ciri khas simpel, sedangkan Whiz Hotel untuk brand hotel berkategori bintang 2 yang mengedepankan simpel dinamis, smart hotel.

Intiwhiz Hospitality Management menargetkan memiliki atau mengelola sedikitnya 3.500 kamar di seluruh jaringan hotel Intiwhiz di berbagai kota di Indonesia tahun 2015. Jumlah yang terus meningkat hingga mencapai lebih dari 5.000 kamar pada 2017 di sejumlah kota besar di Indonesia, seperti Jakarta, Bogor, Malang, Lampung, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru, Manado, dan Makasar. Hal itu terbukti dengan diraihnya Intiwhiz Hospitality Management sebagai The Best Leading Local’s Hotel Chain 2013/2014 dari Indonesian Travel & Tourism Award.

Grand Whiz Hotel Kelapa Gading

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BART, Bar @ The Rooftop, Artotel Jakarta - Thamrin

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

Indonesia’s lauded new hotel group, Artotel Indonesia, will open a rooftop bar at its Thamrin property Oct. 17. In the jammed crazed capital with its high-rises and notorious traffic, Bart offers an air of luxury, a seventh floor rooftop sanctuary mixing lively atmosphere, hospitality and panoramic views of the leafy residential district of Menteng and the glass and marble corridor of Jalan Thamrin and beyond.

“Seven floors above street level is distance enough to forget about the snarl of traffic below,” said hotel general manager, Daniel Sunu Prasetyo. “The clubby and industrial fashioned interior is a refuge for the weary office manager, a casual perch to enjoy a sip and a bite with friends and coworkers and appreciate the stillness that elevation provides.”

The owners had BART in the planning since the hotel opened in October, 2013, a concept that mixes modern art and accommodation positioned as stylish boutique, a property that is considered mid-range affordable boutique with a central location that attracts a balance of international tourists and local business people.

“We planned to open the hotel first and focus on the essentials of comfortable accommodation, hospitality and art events while running almost a consistent 90% occupancy since opening,” said Artotel Indonesia CEO, Erastus Radjimin. “’Bar at the rooftop or, BART, was a project we put on hold until our first year anniversary was behind us and that time is now.”

As part of its anniversary celebration on Oct. 17, BART will be the press venue for seven Indonesian artists and their “Art for Everyone” exhibition held at the hotel’s Mezzanine gallery through to Dec. 1 2014.  

BART features an eight-person VIP room with AC although general manager Daniel Sunu Prasetyo says the overhead fans and rooftop breeze make for a comfortable setting and with plenty of cover for up to 100 people in the event of rain.

Editor in chief of Jakarta-based Destinasian magazine, Chris Hill says: “Rooftop bars are increasing in popularity as people come to appreciate the vertical respite they offer from life at ground level, not to mention views that are intoxicating in their own right. From Singapore’s Sands Skypark to New York City’s Ink48 and Aer at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, having a drink high in the sky is just more fun.”

About Artotel Jakarta - Thamrin
Artotel is a play on the words “art” and “hotel”. Art refers to the contemporary art-influenced design of the lobby, public areas and hotel rooms. These designs are created by local artists as part of Artotel's efforts to directly support and promote Indonesian contemporary art.

"Art isn't just a decorative accent here, but is rather part of a totality that delivers a distinctive experience for guests. Along with its artistic emphasis, Artotel is committed to providing quality accommodation in terms of service as well as product, such as the ”Art Bedding Collection” which is designed to pamper guests, and the exclusive Artotel Amenities in each studio room. This Art concept has inspired Artotel's preparations for the design concept, character, and all applications and functionality, down to preparing our business activities as a whole," said Christine Radjimin – Chairman Artotel Indonesia. “The lobby of Artotel Jakarta-Thamrin isn't just a lobby as it is in a typical hotel, but also functions as a Rotation Gallery, creating an atmosphere and experiences that change monthly for guests.”

Just as art pieces are never exactly alike, each Artotel Indonesia property exhibits different designs and signature colors, such as purple for Artotel Jakarta-Thamrin and orange for Artotel Surabaya. Apart from colors, every Artotel property is also assigned a distinctive ART quotation which reflects the unique characteristics, personality and concept of that Artotel. Going forward, Artotel Indonesia will expand to other properties in Indonesia such as Artotel Bandung (2015) and Artotel Bali-Sanur (2015), each with different hotel concepts of course.

As an art inspired design hotel, Artotel targets smart travellers looking for strategically located accommodations with quality facilities in which they can experience the unique "ARTmosphere" at an affordable price.

”.....usually art hotels in this world just have a vacant room hung with many paintings (or artwork) and call themselves art hotel. At Artotel, we don't just hang up paintings (or any artwork), rather we integrate the art itself as part of the overall hotel concept and design. We hope that our hotel guests will have a lasting experience and impressions while staying at Artotel, from the check-in to the check out process. At Artotel, we believe and are committed to our core values namely Creativity, Artistic, Simple and Efficient,” said Erastus Radjimin – CEO Artotel Indonesia.

Artotel Thamrin has 107 Studios (rooms), 1 Restaurant & Bar under the brand RoCA (Restaurant of Contemporary ART), 2 meeting rooms with capacity for 10 – 200 pax, an Art Gallery, Business Center and a Roof Top Bar.

About Artotel Indonesia
Artotel Indonesia is a Hotel Management company that focuses on hotels with art inspired design, led by young business professionals with experience in property, the hotel industry, design & branding, sales and marketing. Artotel Indonesia has two properties in operation in 2013, namely Artotel Surabaya  opened on July 7, 2012 and Artotel Jakarta-Thamrin which launched on 17 October 2013. Going forward, Artotel Indonesia will expand to other cities such as Artotel Bandung (2015) and Artotel Bali-Sanur (2015), each showcasing a unique hotel concept.

Making money is art, and working is art, and good business is the best art.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Pantai di Bali
BALI cukup populer di dunia, bahkan kadang-kadang melebihi Indonesia. Berbagai julukan diberikan kepadanya, Conde Nast Traveller Rusia tahun 2013, misalnya, memilih Bali sebagai pulau terindah di dunia.

Majalah travel terkemuka tersebut memang rutin menyelenggarakan kegiatan readers choice award untuk mengetahui berbagai kategori wisata dan sarana pendukung yang disukai oleh masyarakat Rusia.

Untuk meraih penghargaan tersebut, Bali harus bersaing bersama nominator lain, yakni Phuket, Maladewa, Mauritius, dan Yunani. Meskipun saat ini banyak pilihan pulau-pulau cantik untuk berwisata, pesona keindahan Pulau Bali tetap menjadi pilihan utama para turis dunia.

Tapi popularitas Bali bukan lantaran alamnya saja, tapi juga sisi lain, yang tidak diungkap di siaran resmi tentang wisata Bali. Kalau Anda sempat menyaksikan film dokumentasi Cowboys in Paradise, terungkap cerita tentang cinta kilat yang marak di Pulau Dewata tersebut. Para pria hadir dengan “profesi lain”, yakni memberi perhatian istimewa kepada wisatawan yang kesepian.

Tawaran berkencan tidak hanya datang dari si pria. Wisatawan wanita pun seakan tidak mau kalah mencari sensasi yang sama, dengan memburu pasangan sesaat seiring dengan nikmatnya suasana Bali yang indah. Wanita Jepang tercatat paling agresif.

Dari berbagai alasan kunjungan turis Jepang, tidak sedikit yang mencari pria lokal untuk melampiaskan energi berlibur yang berlebih. Namun, konon ada perbedaan antara turis Jepang dan turis lain, khususnya yang berasal dari AS, Eropa, serta Australia, yang lebih ekspresif mengungkapkan keinginannya.

Meski berbeda, mereka sepakat sisi eksotis pria lokallah yang menarik perhatian. Pria lokal di sini bukan berarti pria Indonesia, tapi lebih merujuk pada pria asli Bali. Ia tak tahu alasan wanita Negeri Sakura memilih pria lokal. Tapi bisa jadi fisik dan aktivitas yang dekat dengan pantai menjadi pesona tersendiri, yang berbeda dengan pria Asia Timur pada umumnya.

Dikutip dari situs Tribunnews, Yukio Murakami, penulis lepas Jepang, mengungkapkan di media mingguan Nikkan Gendai (edisi 11 Mei 2010, halaman 5), sebagian besar wanita Jepang yang berkunjung ke Bali memiliki tujuan lain, yakni mencari pria Bali yang memiliki profesi lain itu.

Pada 2005, mulai banyak turis wanita Jepang yang berkunjung ke Bali untuk berlibur. Di Pulau Dewata mereka mengisi liburan dengan belajar surfing, relaksasi pijat, yang menuju aksi utama, bahkan tidak sedikit yang kawin kontrak selama tinggal di Bali.

Mendapat perhatian turis wanita Jepang tak semudah mendapat perhatian turis wanita negara lain. Hal ini membuat muncikari harus bergerak lebih halus dan mengerahkan banyak siasat untuk menawarkan jasanya.

Sifat wanita Jepang cenderung pemalu dan pasif. Diperlukan keahlian berkomunikasi tanpa memaksakan kehendak, meskipun sebenarnya tujuannya sudah diketahui bersama. Biasanya topik pembuka seputar daerah wisata di Bali, spot liburan menarik, aktivitas yang dapat dilakukan, dan akhirnya tujuan utama, yakni mendapat pelukan hangat.

Bagi wanita Jepang, pria lokal cenderung tahu bagaimana harus bersikap. Pria lokal yang memang “bekerja” sebagai penjual kehangatan akan mendekati turis yang terlihat menginginkan “servis” tapi malu mengungkapkannya.

Perbedaan karakter turis Jepang dengan turis lainnya, menurut seorang pengajar surfing, sebutlah Andre, memang menjadi bahan pertimbangan. Sebab, kata dia, turis Jepang tergolong pribadi yang royal mengeluarkan uang untuk mendapatkan apa yang diinginkan.

Sifat dermawan wanita Negeri Sakura menjadikan pria penjual kasih sayang setuju melakukan kawin kontrak. Bahkan ada yang meneruskannya dalam lembaga pernikahan yang sesungguhnya dan membangun rumah tangga. Namun, jika hanya untuk menjadi “teman dekat”, reputasi turis wanita asal Jepang cukup dikenal.

MALE 104
Bila dicermati, demand yang datang kebanyakan dari turis wanita yang ingin menikmati “hidangan” lokal khas Bali. Andre mengungkapkan hubungan profesional antara pelatih dan murid pun memiliki potensi membentuk ikatan yang lebih istimewa.

Menurut dia, tidak sedikit turis asing yang ingin menikmati tawaran lain, yang seolah menjadi kebutuhan yang wajar sebagai manusia. Belum lagi suasana Bali yang mendukung bagi turis asing, baik yang datang sendirian maupun bersama teman-teman wanitanya yang ingin merasakan pengalaman berbeda.

Tidak sulit, tapi tak terlalu mudah pula mencarinya. Andre menjelaskan, kawasan wisata ternama memiliki banyak individu yang siap membantu. Adapun jalur untuk mendapatkannya bisa beragam.

Ada turis wanita yang membangun keakraban terlebih dulu, mencari langsung, dan ada pula yang menggunakan jasa muncikari untuk mendapatkannya. Beda jalan, tapi tujuan mereka satu, yakni mendapat teman tidur selama berlibur. Namun Andre juga tidak memungkiri ada kisah turis wanita yang menjalin hubungan dengan pria lokal berlandaskan rasa sayang dan ketulusan hingga ke jenjang pernikahan. What happens in Bali stays in Bali!

Sumber: MALE Zone, MALE 104

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Luxury Wedding

The Ritz-Carlton Crafts Picture Perfect Memories as Largest Luxury Wedding Atelier in Asia Pacific

Wedding planners at The Ritz-Carlton are redefining the art of the wedding atelier by curating artisanal luxury wedding shows fuelling the dreams of couples looking for an intimate affair or a lavish dream wedding that would rival royalty.

In Asia-Pacific alone, The Ritz-Carlton creates more than 2,000 luxury weddings each year, making The Ritz-Carlton the largest luxury wedding atelier and host in the region. Each wedding is elegantly choreographed in opulent detail with handpicked artisans, resulting in picture perfect memories. Some senior wedding planners alone have orchestrated over 500 weddings each.

These real weddings from around the world can now be seen in the first Chinese edition of The Ritz-Carlton Weddings magazine which was launched this month. Romantic weddings featured include the Princess Bride, the story of a Chinese couple who created their very own Royal Wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin, which recreated an enchanted forest in the hotel’s ballroom and a horse and carriage ride around the old city quarter. Extraordinary destination weddings include underwater weddings in Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Krabi, Thailand while venues with dramatic skylines of Hong Kong and Shanghai have also been created for couples looking for a white wedding in the sky.

“Creating milestone moments and transforming dreams into reality have always been the hallmarks of a Ritz-Carlton dream wedding,” said Michelle Caporicci, Regional Vice President – Sales and Marketing in Asia Pacific. “Many couples look for themes that fit their personalities while balancing the needs of their respective families, which our wedding planners help them to navigate. The wedding fairs we create in each of our hotels are the first step to help them imagine their dreams.”

“The Ritz-Carlton Wedding Magazine has always been a way for couples and their families to showcase the latest trends and ideas. Having a Chinese edition for the first time is a major step in showcasing international and regional trends in language,” she added.

Curating wedding shows with the right luxury artisans and partners and sharing stories of some of our couples is one way to inspire brides and their families. On, couples can use a wedding planning checklist to dream about every detail, and then a wedding specialist flawlessly brings the event together. From the creation of invitations and favors to florists, talented couturiers, photographers, lingerie and jewelers, The Ritz-Carlton Wedding Fairs bring these dreams to life in a dramatically staged themed showcases that put couples in their wedding.

“Bringing weddings to life through shows and the wedding magazine displays the creativity of our ladies and gentlemen and the artisans who work with us and showcases the unforgettable memories we help to create,” she said.

The Flying Doves

New Year’s Eve Celebrations @ Hotel Gran Mahakam

Fresh Crab Salad
A New Year is on the way! Hotel Gran Mahakam proudly presents “The Flying Doves” to celebrate the countdown to 2015. Inspired by the peace, beauty and elegance of the doves, we will prepare a stunning New Year’s Eve celebrations with a flawless decoration in red and bronze, a harmonious music and illusion performances to amuse our loyal guests.

Once you entered the lobby area, the beautiful Saxophonist with an invisible chair will immediately welcomes you with the festivity vibes. To highlight the celebration, our Chefs will be ready to pamper you with Fresh Crab Meat and Tofu with Endive Salad, Australian Beef Brisket & Vegetable Terrine with Orange Mustard Dressing, Duck Confit with Cranberries Sauce, Baramundi and Saffron with Ginger Tomato Sauce.

Duck Confit with Strawberry Sauce
Frozen Apple
Mini Chocolate Coated Fruit Tartlet
For Indonesian food lover, they will prepare Nasi Daun Jeruk and Lontong Mahakam to indulge your palate. They also prepare Baked Oyster with Horenzo, Foie Gras and Cream Cheese. Finish your evening in style with selections of fine desserts; Ice Cream on Frozen Apple, Mini Chocolate Fruit Tartlet, Chocolate Melt, Kue ape and Pancong Kopyor.

Comfortable surroundings, elegant décor and the finest attention to detail are the hallmarks of Gran Mahakam’s unparalleled services. Its elegantly furnished 158 rooms, International Restaurants, Bar & Lounge, function rooms, SPA and health center, contribute to give to the European-baroque-style architecture a feel of warmth, comfort and ease that is most found in friend’s homes.

Let Hotel Gran Mahakam be, for yourself, family, friends and colleagues, the perfect venue to highlight the end of the year!